Add your challonge user id in order to create player list automatically with for draft challenge single elimination and double elimination.

1. Login to with google chrome browser.
2. Open chrome developer tools. Refer to steps as described as image below or Refer to access DevTools. guide_devtools
3. Copy javascript as below and paste to the console tab of developer tools.
alert(document.cookie.slice(document.cookie.indexOf('_current_user_id'), document.cookie.indexOf(';',document.cookie.indexOf('_current_user_id'))))

4. A alert message will be displayed as below, copy the highlighted challonge user id and paste to tournament form or profile form.
alert example

5. Make sure challonge user id is copied correctly in order to make the challonge integration working successfully. If challonge tournament is not created automatically, which means challonge user id is wrong.
6. Proceed to game page after draft challenge card picking is completed. game page guide

7. At game page, Admin can change the player match by drag and drop player name, then click start tournament to update match result as how challonge works. game page guide