Clash Variant aims to create different kind of challenge for Clash Royale player to prove their skill with other PRO players.
Clash Variant supports two challenge currently, draft challenge and cup challenge.
Draft challenge is a game mode popularized by twitch/youtube and just generally cool Clash Royale profile The Rum Ham. The players take turns to pick a card for their deck and each card can only be picked once, this is the drafting round. After this all the players battle each other in the arena with whatever crazy deck they might have come up with during the draft round.
Team Challenge is coming soon.

What's next?

This site is still in early beta stages, there will be bugs, many features we want to offer are yet to be implemented etc. If you would like to report an error or have any suggestions for improvement (some new challenge type, new rules?) please ping us at our twitter

If you want to get involved in the development of, perhaps as a backend programmer ( is using Django)? Or as a frontend programmer (currently using Django templates but willing to change to ReactJS or AngularJS)? Graphics designer? Translator? You get the picture. Please contact us at our twitter.